Commuting To Work – Excuse Killer – Burley Travoy

Commuting to work is a tremendous way to get in some calorie burning.  The short route for me to get to work is 14 miles.  Even if I do that one-way three times a week that is over three hours on the bike.

Last year I was able to commute to work here and there but I found that those times were so unpredictable that I was not prepared.  I didn’t have clothes or clean-up supplies at work, awkward to carry everything (laptop, etc) on my bike, etc.  Excuses galore!  Well now I’ve removed that as an excuse…. Introducing the Burley Travoy!

280dude - commute - burley travoy

Imagine how snazzy I’ll look carrying this!

I also got the optional rain cover so I can’t use that as an excuse either.

280dude - commute - Burley Travoy Rain Cover

Excuse killer

I am going to also drag this along on my general exercise rides just to get use to it.  I’ll be able to keep rain jackets, cold weather items, etc. in there, all things I’ve said “eh, don’t know if it will be cold, etc. I’ll just not go”.

When the Travoy arrives I’ll give the OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) and a full product review.

So why choose the Burley Travoy?

I purchased this because…

  • It was recommended all over the place out there on the interwebs
  • I like how the weight of whatever I’m packing will be on the wheels of the Travoy and seat post of my bike and not just on the rear wheel of my bike like other types.
  • For camping trips it forces me to choose what to carry. With a larger trailer I would pack more than I really need.
  • It is narrow. When I ride on a bike trail or sometimes on the road I try to minimize my foot print. I’m conscious about me holding up traffic (regardless of legality) and this helps out.
  • I am going to use it also as a carry-all for when I am at ball tournaments. I can put a bucket of softballs and some other equipment on it and easily wheel it around. Double-duty bike + coaching thing.
  • I really couldn’t justify anything larger. It’s almost perfect in size for what I need.
  • I got the rain cover to be able to put my laptop and other stuff in there and ride in any weather that I choose to go out in.
  • It supposedly tracks well behind bikes and doesn’t sway out unless you overload it or get nuts with it.

Here is an overview of my short route from home to work.

280dude - Commute

My short route from home to work

Some resources and reviews I found very handy while deciding on the Burley Travoy.  Thanks to each of them for helping me decide.

Kent’s Bike Blog: The Burley Travoy Trailer: A Review


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