Gem City Showdown Information

The email I can get to at work doesn’t do well with embedding images so I thought I’d put the information here.

After Friday’s games Coach Shepard has suggested we go to Marion’s pizza.  The closest one is:
Marion’s Piazza
3443 N Dixie Dr
Dayton, OH 45414

Gem City Showdown Page:

For parking at Kettering Fields you can use this address to get close to the entrances I show below: 400 E Helena St, Dayton, OH 45404 (CLICK HERE FOR MAP)


(Click Image For Larger View) Kettering Fields has two main parking areas.  Coach Meyers has brought up that the large grassy area that is used for parking would work well for the field we are playing on.  When you approach the ball fields using Helena St. you will see a few entrances into the large grassy area.  See my below image (click on it for a larger view) and the red ‘X’ marks to show some of them.  It is always hit and miss on where we can warm up but if nothing we really like is available we can go further out in the grass/tree area and have at it.

For fun I condensed our game schedule.  It could change at any time so keep that in mind. Capture